Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is EB Expo?

    EB Expo is a three-day event showcasing the latest upcoming and new release games, with many products playable for the first time in Australia. With large-scale exhibitions by publishers it’s your chance to experience hands-on game play and find out what’s coming up next in gaming.

    In addition to gaming, EB Expo has a packed schedule of shows featuring the latest and greatest in pop culture, a huge Cosplay celebration, the world’s biggest EB Games store and E-Sports competitions for everyone from beginner to pro. Check out our full list of attractions here.

  1. How do I get to EB Expo?

    The EB Expo is being held at Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition centre. Street Address: 2684-2690 Gold Coast Highway, Broadbeach, QLD Contact: 07 5504 4000

    For more information on transport, accommodation and how to get to the venue click here.

  1. Parking

    The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre's car park entrance is at the northern end of the building, accessible from traffic lights off the Gold Coast Highway and the main driveway off TE Peters Drive.

    Undercover car spaces are available for short-term parking. A $12 inclusive of GST flat rate is charged for car parking at the centre.

    For more information on parking click here.

  1. Where do I stay when I get to EB Expo?

    For more information on accommodation click here.

  1. Age Restriction Policy

    Please refer to our Age Restriction Policy here.

  1. Ticketing Information

    How do I purchase tickets?

    Tickets are available from EB Games and Zing Pop Culture stores in Australia and Ticketek until sold out here.

    Are tickets available in New Zealand?

    Yes, tickets can be purchased by customers in New Zealand through Ticketek. When purchasing tickets, you will be unable to have a physical ticket delivered to an address in New Zealand. Instead, Ticketek will email you a PDF ticket which will allow entry to EB Expo.

    Select EB Games stores in New Zealand will also stock a limited number of EB Expo tickets.

    When do tickets go on sale?

    Tickets are on sale now and will remain on sale throughout the event until sold out.

    Can I preorder a ticket so I don’t miss out?

    There are no preorders available for EB Expo.

    Is there a limit to how many tickets can be purchased by a customer?

    Yes, the following limits will be imposed to ensure customers have equal opportunity to purchase tickets:

    • A limit of six General Admission tickets per customer

    I have a small child do they also require a ticket?

    Tickets are not required for children aged 10 years and under however they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

    Will tickets be available to purchase on the day of EB Expo?

    Tickets are available at the door and through Ticketek over the weekend unless sold out. We recommend pre-purchasing your ticket to guarantee entry.

    Are tickets refundable?

    Tickets are not refundable. However, tickets may be exchanged for another session unless that session is sold out.

    Can tickets be replaced if lost or stolen?

    Tickets cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Please treat your tickets like cash and store them safely until EB Expo.

  1. Will there be an EB Expo guide

    A free printed event program will be available at EB Expo. This includes an event map and timetable.

  1. Pass Outs

    You will be able to enter and exit the EB Expo precinct as long as you are still wearing your wristband for the current session. If you are attending multiple sessions, please have your lanyard available to present to security upon re-entry.

  1. Security

    Security will be present inside the EB Expo precinct, exhibition hall and also inside EB Arena. Any guest found to be acting unruly or inappropriately will be removed from the event. The event organisers and security reserve the right to check any bags or persons entering the EB Expo precinct.

  1. What do I do if I have lost a child?

    All unaccompanied minors will be escorted to the Lost Kids Booth as indicated on the EB Expo map. This booth will be manned by EB Expo staff dedicated to helping parents and caregivers. Announcements will be made intermittently over the PA system.

    To help EB Expo staff, wristbands with a parent’s mobile number are available at the Lost Kids Booth. In the event your child is lost and found by EB Expo Staff the mobile number on the wristband will be contacted.

  1. EB Live

    EB Live is a presentation by publishers and exhibitor partners to showcase upcoming content. In the past, this has contained exclusive live gameplay and an opportunity to hear firsthand from developers.

    Presentation session times in the Arena will be announced as they are confirmed closer to the event dates. Seats will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. For the full schedule, please go to Attractions. This is subject to change.

  1. EB Games MEGA Store

    Will there be an EB Games Store?

    There will be a HUGE EB Games store!

  1. Can I attend EB Expo wearing a costume?

    Yes, costumes are definitely allowed to be worn around EB Expo, as long as they do not interfere with anyone else’s experience.

    Can my costume include weapons? What if my outfit is revealing?

    All weapons and costumes must be in accordance with the Cosplay Terms & Conditions

    Can I enter the Cosplay Competition?

    Yes, everyone is able to enter the Just Cos Cosplay Competition, provided that they register on the day prior to the registration cut-off time. Please refer to the full Costume and Cosplay Terms & Conditions

  1. Photography and Filming Restrictions

    Will I be able to take photos or film at EB Expo?

    Some products and publisher or exhibitor booth spaces may be restricted from photography or filming and you will be asked to not take photos.

    What happens if I take a photo of something restricted?

    Exhibitors reserve the right to search through a guest’s phone or recording device to censor any suspected images of restricted product or imagery.

    Guests caught intentionally taking photos of restricted product or imagery will be removed from the event.

    During some EB LIVE presentations security using night vision may be present. Vendors reserve the right to remove any person believed to have been filming restricted product or imagery and to search any phones or recording device in the person’s possession.

  1. Strobe, Lighting Effects & Pyrotechnics

    Will strobe, lighting effects and pyrotechnics be used during the EXPO?

    EB Games understands and respects guests that may suffer from epilepsy. EB Games will make every effort to refrain from using harsh strobe effects.

    Lighting effects and pyrotechnics, however, will feature heavily throughout the event. Pyrotechnics will include loud noises, explosions and flames that may scare or frighten young children.

  1. Food and Beverage Service

    Will food and beverages be available?

    Food and beverage will be available for purchase during EB EXPO.

    Can I eat and drink inside EB Expo?

    Some Vendors reserve the right to refuse entry to their exhibition space if a customer is in possession of food or beverages and may ask that the item is consumed prior to entering the exhibition space.

  1. Toilet Amenities

    Where will toilets be located at EB Expo?

    Toilets are located inside the Foyers of GCCEC. Toilets are clearly sign posted around the venue. Toilet locations will be included on the EB Expo map and timetable available upon entry.

  1. Wheel Chair Accessibility

    Is Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre and EB Expo wheelchair accessible?

    GCCEC is a fully wheelchair accessible venue with lifts servicing both the car park and the first floor. Some small aspects of the EB Expo inside the exhibition halls will not be wheelchair accessible.

    Some Vendor partners have expressed interest in expanding their exhibition spaces into a second story. The second story of these spaces will only be accessible via stairs and thus are not accessible by a wheelchair.

    Wheelchair seating has been accommodated for inside EB Arena offering a full uninterrupted view of both the stage and the screens.

  1. Media

    To apply for a media pass to EB Expo, please also refer to the Contact page. Media passes are allocated by our PR Team and are awarded based on the profile of ALL publications that you write for, please offer as much detail about your media credentials when applying.

    These passes will no longer allow unlimited access to the event instead the media passes will allow access to a specific session or sessions only based on the profile of ALL publications that you write for. The sessions that you have been allocated will be confirmed via phone or email and will be printed on your media pass name badge.

    Confirmed media guests will be contacted via phone or email and appropriate access credentials into the EB Expo will be available on site from our registration services desk.

    Approved media guests will have the ability to film and photograph the event in respect of the individual restrictions placed by participating Vendors. Media guests intentionally taking photos or filming restricted product or imagery will be removed from the event.

    Media passes are non-transferable and media guests found miss using media passes will be removed from the venue. Event security may require you to present photo ID proving your identity when entering the venue using your media pass.

    We are a media outlet – we would like to cover the event either before or after the event, what do I do?

    Please contact us through the EB Expo contact form. We will reply by either phone or email regarding your request.

    We are a media outlet – we would like to interview EB Games, your exhibitors, and special Guests. What do I do?

    The EB Expo will have full media facilities for EB Games and our exhibitor partners to host media interviews etc. Please contact us at [email protected]

    By registering and applying for access to the event as a member of the media you will be kept up to date with all EB LIVE and show times, including all media briefings.

  1. How do I become a Supplier or Exhibitor?

    I am a company that produces products related to video games or entertainment and I would like to showcase my product at the EB Expo, what should I do?

    Please contact us at [email protected]

    I am a company that would like to sponsor/participate in the event, what should I do?

    Please contact us at [email protected]