Cosplay Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the sale of tickets (including any resale or subsequent assignment). Further, they form the conditions of attendance of EB Expo 2016.

  1. All attendees of the EB Games Expo must comply with all Federal, State and local laws and regulations regarding weapons, imitation weapons and props, as well as their usage.
  2. Replica weapons may be subject to an inspection by EB Games Expo staff. No items can have sharp points, sharp edges, excessive weight or any other features that could be deemed dangerous to others. Non approved items must be securely stored in the attendee’s hotel room, vehicle or home. Failure to comply will result in you being escorted off the event site.
  3. No functional bladed or projectile weapon will be allowed on stage. Projectile weapons that can be altered to become functional (i.e. currently disabled Airsoft guns) are also not allowed.
  4. Projectile weapons that cannot be made functional but which look realistic, and metal-bladed weapons, may be allowed, but may not be brandished. They must remain holstered or sheathed at all times.
  5. Non-realistic projectile weapons may be brandished at fellow performers in your group, but may not be brandished or otherwise pointed at anyone not on stage.
  6. Realistic non-metal weapons (other than projectiles) may be brandished at fellow performers in your group, but may not be brandished or otherwise pointed at anyone not on stage.
  7. Non-realistic non-projectile weapons may be used on stage and brandished towards the audience.
  8. All weapons that will be carried or used on stage must be approved by the Cosplay Coordinator.
  9. Any use of a weapon that involves making contact with another person or weapon must be approved by the Cosplay Coordinator.
  10. No throwing of any weapon will be allowed. Any weapon leaving your hand must do so in a controlled manner, and must be approved by the Cosplay Coordinator.


  • All costumes and props must be self-contained and must not require external connections, for example external connections to power sources. Any costumes or props that require set-up time and/or are over 8 feet in any dimension must be approved by the Cosplay Coordinator.
  • Nothing that produces flame, smoke, fog, or electricity will be allowed. No pressurized liquids or gases. No dry ice, wind machines, or lasers. This rule is in effect for the stage as well as all other Cosplay areas such as backstage and in the green room. No animals are allowed on stage or backstage.
  • No jumping on or off the stage. Jumping on or off the stage will result in immediate disqualification. Use the designated exits and entrances on stage.
  • Throwing of non-weapon items must be approved by the Cosplay. Any throwing of items that have not been approved by the Cosplay Coordinator will result in immediate disqualification.
  • The stage must be left in the same condition it was in when you arrived. This particularly applies to messy substances that will cause damage or cleaning bills to costumes, props, or the stage itself. If you plan to leave any props, pieces of costume etc. you must arrange to have it picked up by the stage crew before the rehearsal or bring your own stagehand.
  • Brandishing a weapon at anyone not in your Cosplay group may result in disqualification. Insulting or injuring other entrants, convention members, judges, guests, or their costumes may result in disqualification.
  • Participation at EB Games Expo is at the entrants own risk.

Adult Content

  • No profanity is allowed. Excessive violence is not allowed.
  • No sexual activity or contact allowed, real or implied. No nudity is allowed.
  • Any adult content is subject to review by the Cosplay Coordinator. Refusal to alter content if required may result in disqualification.

Just ‘Cos Cosplay Competition

  • All participants must arrive before the beginning of the Just ‘Cos Cosplay Competition to sign in with the Cosplay Coordinator located at the Just ‘Cos stage.
  • The judges decisions are final and no negotiation will be entered into.
  • EB Games staff and direct family members are not eligible to win prizes.

Outside of the venue

  • Cosplayers outside of the EB Games Expo precinct (including the queue) are under the authority of local law enforcement.
  • Cosplayers may be required to mark props – no matter how comical or unrealistic - with fluorescent tape or other brightly coloured markings while in the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre precinct. Any damage to props due to these markings is incurred at the risk of the participant.
  • Helmets, masks and face-coverings – no matter how comical or unrealistic - may be required to be removed while outside of the main EB Expo hall by local law enforcement or EB Games staff.